Methven are proud to be an affiliate of Waterwise, an independent, not for profit NGO focused on reducing water consumption in the UK. We are supporting them in their latest consumer campaign ‘Pledge 2022’ to encourage people to save water over the course of a month.

Waterwise Pledge 2022 graphic

Water is a finite resource and growing population, climate change and the increasing demand for water are leading to scarcity. The Environmental Agency reported that 15 out of the 23 water companies operating throughout England are rated as being under 'serious' stress. Water UK has stated 46% of people believe their household uses 20 litres of water daily. In reality, it’s almost 142 litres per person which is twice as high as it was in 1961 (85 litres).

It’s really easy to get involved with Pledge 2022, simply log onto and sign up for the 28 day challenge! Once registered you will receive a daily e-mail with a water challenge, these simple tasks will range from timing your shower to using an Eco setting on your washing machine or dishwasher. The aim is to provide you with simple tips which will help you personally save on your water consumption, help protect the environment, combat climate change and to become better informed and more mindful about your water usage.

Why not give it a go?

Here’s what some of our team are pledging:

  • "Shorter showers – I’m going to reduce my daily shower to a maximum of 5 minutes"
  • "I'm going to stop running the tap when I do my washing up and simply fill the bowl instead"
  • "I'll make sure I fill the dishwasher and washing machine to make them more efficient"
  • "I'll collect water in a water butt for watering my plants"
  • "I will stop the kids from leaving the tap running while they brush their teeth"
January 11, 2022 — Rhys Jones
Tags: Community