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We've pulled together a list of the most commonly asked questions;

Is the Instant Hot Water Tap suitable for my kitchen?

You need to have a high-pressure system to ensure that there's enough water pressure for the tap (ideally above 1.5 bar). You will also need to have the space underneath the tap (in a cupboard) for the tank and filter to be set up. And finally, you need an electric socket in the cupboard. Some new build properties don’t rely on electric plugs within the kitchen and have fused spur switches. If you have appliances in your kitchen that don’t use an electric plug socket and uses a fused spur electric source you won't be able to have this tap installed without prior electrical work to introduce a new alternative power supply connection. See here for the installation requirements.

How do I use the tap?

When you require instant hot water, touch the touch-sensitive button and keep your finger on it. You will see the LED turn red. After a few seconds near-boiling hot filtered water will dispense at the intended tank temperature. As a safety feature, there's a slight time-delay for the instant hot water until the red LED is illuminated fully. For filtered cold water simply touch the button once, the LED's will turn blue and it will immediately dispense great tasting, filtered cold water. Touch the button again to stop the flow. Unfiltered hot and cold water is operated by the lever control which works like a standard tap.

How hot is the instant hot water tap?

You can choose your desired hot water temperature on the hot water tank. We have conducted over a thousand hours of research in what temperature makes the best cup of tea or coffee and have concluded that the optimum temperature of 98°C is the best temperature for a kettle-alternative. This produces the best hot drinks and is suitable for cooking or cleaning. You also lose less water from steam evaporation at this setting.

Will the instant hot water tap save me money?

Research suggests that 67% of people in the UK overfill their kettle and end up boiling too much water for their needs. Over a year this can equate to 3,65 cups of lost boiled water per year, which could fill over 500 kettles! Based on the national average of kettle boild being 5 times per day, and the average kettle using around 6kw of power to boil a full kettle, this all equates to 30kw of energy per day, or approximately 12p per day for just boiling a kettle. Our instant hot water tap uses 1.5kw to heat and then uses less than a watt of power to keep the water at the chosen temperature. Therefore, you only ever use the water you need. When used daily, this will only cost 3p per day to operate, saving approximately £30.00 in energy costs every year.

​How often does the filter need to be changed?

We recommend that you change your filter every 6 months to ensure water purity, taste and product performance. Failure to change the tap filter or using a different filter than the Methven Watercare filter may invalidate your warranty. The Methven carbon filter can filter over 10,000 litres of water in 6 months, making it one of the most energy and cost-efficient filters in the industry. The enhanced ion exchange option can filter around 3,000 litres of water within 6 months ensuring that within a hardwater area you are left with limescale-free water with the peace of mind that it’s the cleanest purest water for your hot and cold drinks.

Can I install the tap and tank myself?

Yes, but we recommend that you have it installed by an approved plumber. Your warranty does not cover incorrect installation.

I've placed an order, what do I do next?

Our qualified installers from Watercare will contact you to personally deliver and install your new tap. You will also be supported by an industry-leading customer care team on a freephone telephone number: 0800 195 1602 or you can email us at customercare@uk.methven.com.

I've placed an order and not received any email confirmation.

Check your junk email or spam box to see if the email is in there. If you still haven't received it within 12 hours, please call 0800 195 1602 or email customercare@uk.methven.com and we will get to the bottom of it.​

What is the warranty period?

The instant hot water tap warranty period is 5 years for the tap and 2 years on the heating tank from the date of purchase. The enhanced Ion Exchange filter option increases the heating tank warranty by an extra year to 3 years. The warranty is valid only on products installed and used in normal domestic environments. See HERE for the full Warranty details and terms and conditions of sale are found HERE.

How much water does the tank hold?

The tank holds 2.4 litres of water. The average kettle holds 1.7 litres which makes the tap more versatile for other kitchen tasks.

How long does it take to heat a tank from empty?

The tank takes between 7-8 minutes to heat up to 98 degrees from cold.

What do I do when I go on holiday?

If you are going to be away for a week or more, we recommend that the tank be switched off. This will reduce any build up in limescale. When you return, we suggest you switch it on and run at least 1 litre off to purge the system.

I live in a hard water area; will this affect the tap’s operation?

Not necessarily. Only if you don’t have high pressure. We recommend using the Platinum Plus filter for any regions in a hard water area, this also increases the warranty for the tank an extra year to 3 years.

I have just changed my filter, what do I do with the old filter?

When we send out a replacement filter, we also send a postal paid bag to send the old filter back to Watercare to get recycled. Just pop it in the bag and take to a post office and we can recycle on your behalf.

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