Order your instant hot water tap today and get it professionally installed by an approved engineer for just £99.

Installation Requirements

Our Instant Hot Water taps can be fitted in most domestic kitchens. Check our simple checklist of installation requirements.

Installation Requirements

Our quick and easy installation video allows you to check if your plumbing system and kitchen is suitable.

Number 1

An existing pre-drilled/open tap hole (35mm hole) on the kitchen sink/worktop.

Number 2

Sufficient space in a cupboard under your sink. The tank is approx. 30cm high and 20cm wide/deep. The filter system is approx. 40cm high and has a backplate to attach to the cupboard wall.

Number 3

A high-pressure water system – Our Instant Hot water taps work on a high- pressure system above 1.5bar. There’s an Identify Your System document HERE to learn what system you have. An easy way to understand what pressure you have is to place a 1 or 2 litre measuring jug under your tap and run it on full for exactly 6 seconds. Then multiply the number of litres in the jug by ten to give your flow rate in litres per minute. If the flow rate is less than 10 litres per minute, you have low water pressure. A flow rate between 10 and 15 litres per minute is considered acceptable, but could be improved and a flow above 15 litres per minute is considered good.

Number 4

An electrical socket in the cabinet under the sink and access to the stopcock.** The plug socket can be no longer than 1.4m distance from the hot water tank.

* Our intrductory free installation offer has now come to an end, but you can still get it professionally installled by one of our approved engineers for just £99.

** There may be some small internal cupboard alterations/modifications required to ensure that the electricity and plumbing supplies are connected correctly (the installers will always check with yourself first to ensure that all is completed with the least amount of modifications).


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