Brushed Nickel

4 In 1 Instant Hot Water Tap – Ion Exchange



A modern design delivering hot, cold, filtered cold and filtered near-boiling water in a single tap. The Alexandria offers an energy-efficient addition to any new or existing kitchen.

To ensure that your product is correctly installed, we do all the hard work for you, so you don’t have to. Once you have purchased the tap online, our installer will install the tap and tank so it's 100% safe and ready to use.

Key Features Include

+Great tasting drinks
+ Child safe
+ Touch operation
+ Save energy
+ No more bottled water
+ Contemporary design
+ Two stunning finishes

Installation service

If you have included installation as part of your purchase, you’ll receive a call from one of our customer care team to arrange a suitable installation date and time at your convenience.

Save time, save money, save energy

Reduce your bills with the instant hot water tap whilst making your household water use more sustainable. The average 1.7-litre kettle uses around 6kw of power for a full kettle. An instant hot water tap uses 1.5w to heat the water and then less than a watt of power to maintain the preferred temperature. Typical savings of £30.00 in energy costs can be achieved every year. Meanwhile, you could also lower your water consumption by hundreds of litres annually (depending on how much you currently use your kettle).

Safe for the whole family

The one touch operation, touch-delay function and cool-to-touch spout means it's safe for little hands. And those who find it difficult to lift and pour a kettle may also find the instant hot water tap much easier and safer to use.

Scald Prevention

In addition to the touch-delay function, our tap features smooth pour, our tap does not spit hot water like some hot taps preventing scalds.

7 pre-set temperatures

Choose from 7 pre-set temperatures for all your cooking and cleaning needs between 75-98°C.

Better tasting hot drinks

Our filters for the instant hot water tap are supplied by Watercare and are some of the most eco-friendly in the world. They are made in the UK and 100% recyclable, providing a genuine sustainable and cost-effective alternative to others in the industry. We have undertaken 1,000s of hours of research to choose the best most efficient filters for the tap, so whether you live in a soft water area or hard water area we have the right filter for you.

Illuminated display

The LCD display shows the current temperature and boil status.

Super compact

The Methven 2.4 litre hot water tank and the filter is hidden in the cupboard under your sink to not only be out of sight but to also reduce any noise.

Comprehensive warranty

Our taps are hardwearing enough for everyday use and covered by our 5-year warranty*

* The instant hot water tap filter must be replaced every 6 months to ensure you receive high quality filtered hot and cold water. Failure to change the filter will invalidate your warranty. The 5-year warranty covers finish to tapware only; it excludes the instant hot water tank. The hot water tank comes with a 2-year warranty when using the standard carbon filter or 3 years for the enhanced filter.

NAME ALEXANDRIA 4 in 1 Instant Hot Water Tap - Ion Exchange
PRODUCT CODE Brushed Nickel (ALIHW4IEBN) - RRP: £850.00

Care Tips:

  1. Regular cleaning of your product is recommended to avoid stubborn build-ups of dirt and limescale. For regular cleaning, use a soft cloth and mild soap or detergent.
  2. Never spray cleaning agents directly onto your product as the spray can get inside and cause damage where the concentrated cleaner cannot be rinsed out. Always spray the cloth then wipe the product or use a cloth that is damp with a water & detergent solution.
  3. Never use metal or abrasive scouring pads as these will scratch and damage the finish on your product. Never use cleaners that contain a scouring additive such as creme cleaners that contain silica.
  4. Do not use aggresive or highly acidic cleaners, these include products containing, sodium hypochlorite (chlorine bleach), formic acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen peroxide or ammonia. Never mix cleaning agents. The use of harsh or abrasive cleaners will void the product warranty.
  5. After cleaning make sure you remove any residue left by the cleaning agent by residing thoroughly with clean water and wipe dry using a dry soft cloth. Do not leave cleaning products in contact any longer that necessary.