Water Filters

We work with Watercare, the UK’s leading independent manufacturer and supplier of water filters. They are also our trusted installation company, that deliver and install your instant hot water tap.

Our advanced filtration systems we use for the instant hot water tap are specifically designed for taste, colour and odour improvement for both filtered cold and hot drinks.

Environmentally friendly

The filters used for the instant hot water tap are some of the most eco-friendly in the world. They are made in the UK and 100% recyclable, providing a genuine sustainable and cost-effective alternative to others in the industry. We have undertaken 1,000s of hours of research to choose the best most efficient filters for the tap, so whether you live in a soft water area or hard water area we have the right filter for you.

Filter options

We understand that not all areas and installations are ever the same, which is why we’ve researched and developed the best filters for your Instant Hot Water Tap. For most areas of the country with soft water we recommend the standard carbon filter which is primarily an activated carbon system and acts like a sponge absorbing substances that may impair taste and smell, such as chlorine, chemicals, disinfectants and heavy metals.

For more extreme hard water areas we recommend the Enhanced filter option. This is also known as an Ion Exchange filter in the industry that removes all of the same substances as the carbon one above but also all hard minerals and metals within the mains supply. The filter’s blend of ion exchange resin and granular activated carbon, physically removes the likes of magnesium and calcium from the water supply, ensuring no limescale is built up or transferred to your hot or cold filtered drink. The additional benefit of using this filter system is we can offer an increased warranty for the instant hot water tank.

Filter benefits

Not only are there the financial and health benefits for drinking filtered water from our tap, but you’re also saving the environment by not purchasing single-use plastic bottles.

Here’s a few other unknown benefits from drinking filtered water from our tap;
• Freshly cut flowers last longer – The filter removes chlorine.
• Pets prefer filtered water – Animals can taste chlorine and harder metals in mains water.
• Vegetables and fruit will taste better – Chlorine acts as a bleach within the mains water supply.
• Barista style coffee - The food grade filters we use will ensure coffee-house-quality filtered water is used for your favourite blend

Replacement filters

We recommend you replace the filter every six months to ensure that you receive the purest quality water in your hot and cold drinks.

It takes less than a couple of minutes to replace your filter. Don’t worry, the qualified installer will advise you how to replace them when installing your new Instant Hot Water Tap.

*Extended warranty of 3 years for the tank, subject to changing cartridge every 6 months.


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